You've got a great idea for a web application, but just how do you get your idea off the ground? Don't worry, that's where we come in. appsy:daisy specializes in the rapid development of web applications so you can leave the dirty work to us. Cost-effective and solid web applications you can be proud of, that's what we do.


Social network, ecommerce, blogging engine, content management system, invoicing, project management, unique whatcha-ma-callit, it's all up to you. Your web application will be built to your exact specifications. From weekly status reports to development deployment access, you'll always be right in the game.

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Our Web Development Services in a Nutshell

Our services are clear: We develop web applications. We custom build your application to exceed your expectations, and using Ruby on Rails for rapid development, we do so quickly. The goal is to provide you with a rock-solid application you can show off to your friends – and customers, of course.

Most clients have a general idea of what they would like, however the majority lack a clear vision of how to execute the steps necessary to develop their application. We help clients understand the process and offer help in project planning.

The application development process is crucial to a successful launch. Our cycle includes:

  • Initial application planning
  • Application wire-framing
  • Software development
  • Testing and bug-tracking
  • Code re-factoring and debugging
  • Design integration (with your provided design)
  • Application deployment
  • Production analytics and server optimization

My Idea Is Unique, Can You Build It?

You bet. Depending on the complexity of the application, the only thing that will change is the required timeline for completion and the price, our ability to execute a development process won't be hampered. Web applications follow the same general ideas, that is, create/update information, receive information, output information, and destroy information. How you go about this is what makes your web app different. Generally, these are the most popular apps which we can develop:

  • Ecommerce
  • Social networking
  • Blogging/Publishing
  • Content management system (CMS)
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Intranet
  • Account services
  • Support/Ticketing system
  • Project management
  • Time tracking
  • If you think it, we will come...

How Do You Build It?

We use Ruby on Rails for rapid application development. This allows us to write your code faster and give you more prototypes to view. We deploy your app locally on our development server and give you access. Our project management page allows you to view daily deployment and weekly status report updates. You can also leave feedback and updated requirements for us to view.

While we do integrate your provided design with the application, we do not design the front-end of the application ourselves, that's up to a web designer. However, we're partnered with Orpheux Design which create phenomenal interfaces, so if you need design work that can be covered. A package deal can save you a substantial amount of time and money.

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Some Applications We Have Developed

Rehash Clothes Front Page Rehash Clothes front page

Rehash Clothes Classifieds Rehash Clothes classifieds

Rehash Clothes Profile Rehash Clothes profile

Rehash Clothes Trade Offer Rehash Clothes trade offer

A Trading Community

We began development on Rehash Clothes in late summer of 2007. The goal of the web site is to promote recycling by allowing users to trade their clothing and accessories. Similar to fashion swap parties held throughout the world, Rehash aims to bring that popularity to the internet for ease of use.

Features include:

  • User profiles
  • Textilized data entry
  • Full-text fast search
  • Friend and address management
  • Discussion forums
  • Classified ads
  • Location sorting
  • Drag and drop trading
  • Article management
  • Item tagging
  • Private messaging
  • Grouping system
  • Personal and public photo galleries
  • Watch lists
  • Personalized wish lists
  • RSS feeds
  • Advice management
  • Resources management
  • Full-featured administration panel
  • Flickr integration
  • Much more...

Since its launch on January 1, 2008, thousands of members joined, thousands of items "Rehashed", and over 2 million page views have been recorded. More features are being added and the site continues to grow steadily. It has also been featured on the Wall Street Journal, Lifehacker, Planet Green (Discovery), Green Daily, c|net News, Daily Candy, and others.

Visit Rehash Clothes

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SHOWN'D Front Page SHOWN'D front page

SHOWN'D Portfolio Search SHOWN'D portfolio search

SHOWN'D Job Search SHOWN'D job search

SHOWN'D Showcase SHOWN'D sample showcase

Designer's Best Friend

SHOWN'D is a site dedicated to allowing artists to showcase their work and secure employment. Artists can create a portfolio with various projects which include images, videos, Flash files, and audio files. Photographers, graphic/web designers, fashion designers, illustrators, musicians, videographers – you name it – they can all call SHOWN'D home. Employers post job ads and are immediately connected with the best prospective employees, freelancers, or consultants for the job.

Features include:

  • User portfolios
  • Image, video, audio, and Flash uploading
  • Full-text fast search
  • Project organization
  • Agency directory
  • Job boards
  • Article management
  • Portfolio and image tagging
  • Flickr set importing
  • Embedding of showcase into external sites
  • Private messaging
  • Professional-to-employer matching
  • View tracking and stats
  • Employer profiles
  • Portfolio settings and visual options
  • RSS feeds
  • Payment management
  • Favorites lists
  • Full-featured administration panel
  • Much more...

In just a few months in production, there have been over 80,000 files uploaded to the server by hundreds of users.


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Dustyfoto Front Page Dustyfoto Front Page

Dustyfoto Photo Gallery Dustyfoto Photo Gallery

Dustyfoto Photo Viewer Dustyfoto Photo Viewer

Dustyfoto Forums Dustyfoto Forums

Become a Photo Detective

Do you like solving mysteries? If so, Dustyfoto is for you! This site lets people with unknown photographs post them for others to solve them. If you have an old photo in your attic and wish to know where it took place, when it took place, and who is pictured, this is the place to do it. With the community of "photo detectives", users who help others with clues and descriptions, you can bet you'll get the help you need to decrypt that image. Albums allow members to organize their photos, and image annotations make it easier for people to point out specific spots of interest on photographs. There are also discussion forums available.

Features include:

  • User profiles
  • Image uploading
  • Full-text fast search
  • Album organization
  • Company blog
  • Discussion forums
  • Image annotations
  • Image tagging
  • Private messaging
  • View tracking and stats
  • RSS feeds
  • Advertising management
  • Full-featured administration panel
  • Much more...

The site has just been put into production as of May 25, 2009 so expect it to grow steadily.

Visit Dustyfoto

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Practice Gears Login Practice Gears Login

Practice Gears

Shhh, we'll tell you more about this when we're ready.

Features include:

  • You'll see...

The site is currently in super duper private beta.

Visit Practice Gears

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